Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Beginning . . .

Description. My goal for my thesis project is to explore the process of collaboration in art-making, culminating in a performance themed in play. The idea behind this piece is to create a colorful performance piece incorporating botanical imagery, moveable sculptural objects and costuming. Building characters out of paper mache and attaching them to rolling platforms, I will collaborate with participants to combine performance, costume, and installation. The participants and I will become part of the sculptural pieces by climbing inside of them and rolling them around; pushing with our feet, hands, or being pushed by someone else, with the characters moving in and out of the space. The participants and I will be disguised as part of the pieces, via costuming. This piece will evoke humor and collaboration through a unique process and use of media.

Background/Rationale. I became interested in collaboration after seeing a ballet in Austin, March 2008. The ballet, Cult of Color: Call to Color, was commissioned by Ballet Austin, and involved the collaboration of choreographer Steven Mills, painter Trenton Doyle Hancock, and composer Graham Reynolds. Seeing the culmination of this work created a new method of thinking for me.

One year later, I created my first performance piece.
Poof!! In Movement was performed in a racquetball court with a team of dancers and a choreographer. It was such an exciting and wonderfully challenging learning experience, fast-paced and extremely gratifying. I wanted to do more.

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